The Gateway to the Wild West Coast

Leave the crowds behind as you enter a true coastal wilderness. The sheltered waters of Neroutsos Inlet harbour an abundance of wildlife and welcome you to delight in the wonder of the natural world.


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    Port Alice Dike Walk

    Skirting around the top of town, this well maintained trail features interpretive signage about the protective dike and the surrounding nature. Keep your ears open for the sounds of chickadees and sparrows as you take in the views over the town towards the sound.

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    Port Alice Seawalk

    Explore the shoreline of this small coastal community and search for seabirds as you cruise the 1.5km Sea Walk Trail just south of the town. Watch for Eagles and Ravens or potentially even a Sea Otter or Humpback whale if you are fortunate. At low-tide, the intertidal zone offers access to the tidal pools where you can spot sea stars and other marine invertebrates.

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    Marble River Trail

    A well-maintained 4.2km trail offering interpretive signs along the way that provide information about the forest environment. During the salmon spawning season, the fish ladder becomes a flurry of activity and visiting black bears are not uncommon. For birders, the majority of the activity is forest-dwelling, with songbirds and associated birds of prey, such as the Sharp-shinned Hawk, making up the majority of the sightings.

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    Link River Regional Park

    Located where the Link River meets Alice Lake, this regional campsite has an excellent swimming beach along with sheltered barbeque sites in the day use area. While there, explore the shoreline, riversedge and surrounding woodland as you look for the summer-resident songbirds and passing migrants.

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    Spruce Bay
    Victoria Lake Rd, Port Alice, BC V0N 2N0

    South of Link River lies the Spruce Bay Recreation site and Old Growth trail. Towering Sitka Spruce and Douglas Fir greet hikers to this densely forested interpretive trail that educates hikers on the old growth forest as you hike. Some way finding is required on the 3.1 km loop, but these magnificent trees provide habitat for some unique species that make the trip worthwhile for the adventurous.

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    Accommodation in Port Alice

    Choose from a range of accomodation options in Port Alice, including self-catering lodges, bed and breakfasts, retreats and campgrounds.

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