We respectfully acknowledge the unceded ancestral lands of the Lheidli T'enneh, on whose land we live, work and play. Prince George is situated on the unceded territory of the Lheidli T'enneh First Nation and their traditional lands cover much of the area from present-day Prince George to the Rocky Mountains.

Located in the heart of British Columbia, and the gateway to the North, Prince George offers an immersive birdwatching experience. Located amidst a  range of ecosystems including forests, riversides, wetlands, and meadows, Prince George provides a unique and enriching birding adventure.

With this itinerary, birders can design their route to explore the city’s neighbourhoods, discover locally-owned businesses, and access outstanding birding sites.

Whether observing waterfowl by the riverside or trekking through forested trails, each moment is an opportunity to foster a deeper connection with nature.

Spring birding in Prince George

Spring is an exciting time in Prince George as birds return from their migration. Keep an eye out for the vibrant Red-breasted Sapsucker, with its striking red and yellow plumage, scaling up tall trees. Keep an ear out for hammering on trees , a sign of Pileated Woodpeckers. On lakes and rivers there are many waterfowl to observe, like Green-winged Teals and Mallards.

Summer birding in Prince George

Summer in Prince George offers excellent birdwatching opportunities. The season brings a wealth of bird activity to the region. Look for the striking American Redstart, with its vibrant red and orange plumage on its wings, in wooded areas. Listen for the cheerful songs of the American Robins filling the air. American Wigeons and Lesser Scaups are staples on rivers and ponds. Prince George’s rich birdlife promises exciting encounters with these and other species during the summer months.

Fall birding in Prince George

Fall in Prince George is an exciting time for birdwatching as migratory birds pass through or make the region their temporary home. Keep your binoculars ready for the striking Common Loons and Hooded Mergansers on the waterways. Scan the forests for tiny Ruby-crowned and Golden-crowned Kinglets flitting among the trees. Listen for the calls of the Dark-eyed Juncos and Chickadees in forested areas and underbrush. Prince George’s diverse landscapes make it an exciting destination for nature bird enthusiasts in the Fall.

Winter birding in Prince George

Winter birdwatching in Prince George can be a cold but rewarding experience. While some birds have migrated south, the region is still home to a variety of hardy bird species. Look for beautiful Bohemian Waxwings and charismatic Black-capped Chickadees, which remain active year-round. In forests you may hear the soft hoots of Great Horned Owls and the calls of the Red-breasted Nuthatches. Pine Siskins and Common Redpolls are also winter residents, bringing subtle purple and red tones to the Wintery landscapes.

Explore the town of Prince George

The  town of Prince George is an excellent basecamp for exploration, but don’t miss the chance to explore the town itself as you immerse yourself in the wilderness of Northern British Columbia. Located at the confluence of the Nechako and Fraser Rivers, the many shoreline parks provide an abundance of habitat for birds and wildlife.

Cottonwood Trail, Prince George
  • 1
    Cottonwood Island Nature Park
    River Rd, Prince George, BC V2L 5S8

    Just north of downtown along the shoreline of the Nechako river, Cottonwood Island Nature Park features stunning trails that wind their way through towering Cottonwood Trees, across heritage bridges and through abundant wetlands. The park is a great place to search for woodpeckers year-round, with the Pileated and hairy being the most common, and during migration is host to a plethora of warblers.

Cottonwood Island Nature Park
  • 2
    Connaught Hill Park
    1112 Connaught Dr, Prince George, BC V2L 3X6

    A hilltop park offering panoramic views of the city amongst carefully maintained gardens, it can yield a surprising number of species especially during migration. The high vantage point offers an excellent opportunity to view soaring birds of prey and the varied foliage creates habitat for a number of warblers, kinglets, chickadees and nuthatches.

  • 3
    Hudson's Bay Wetland
    Prince George, BC

    A quiet wetland park just minutes away from the bustle of Prince George, this serene location is excellent for waterfowl such as buffleheads, mallard and scaup. You may be fortunate to encounter a muskrat as you explore the edges of the slough, and the wooded areas are home to warblers and chickadees during the spring and summer.

Common Goldeneye chick - Prince George
Cedar Waxwing in Prince George
Birdwatching in Cottonwood Island Nature Park
Red-winged Blackbird in Prince George

Explore the wilds of the North

As you make your way further afield from Prince George, civilization quickly gives way to an expansive wilderness where people are an occasional presence rather than a permanent fixture. As you explore the parks in the area, make sure to watch for some of the iconic wildlife that calls this area home and immerse yourself in the rhythms of nature.

Ferguson Lake Nature Reserve, Prince George
  • 11
    Forest for the World
    53°53'42.9"N 122°49'55.4"W, Prince George, BC V2M 7C5

    An absolute gem of a park with a diversity of habitats that host a number of exciting species that can be challenging to spot in the area. With 15 kilometres of trails that circumnavigate Shane Lake, both woodland and wetland species flock to the area, and the wildlife is active year round. Be sure to keep your eye out for the Beavers living at the lake and Moose have occasionally been spotted throughout the park.

Song Sparrow, Prince George
  • 12
    Moores Meadow Nature Park
    4750 1st Ave, Prince George, BC V2M 0A3

    Situated on a large glacial moraine kettle left by receding glaciers, interpretive signage around the park will take you on a journey from the ice age to present day.As you explore the 9.5 kilometres of trails that traverse this biologically diverse landscape, keep watch for Red Tail Hawks, Great horned Owls and woodpeckers along with the smaller passerines who pass through.

  • 13
    Ferguson Lake Nature Reserve
    Prince George, BC

    North of the city lies this wetland nature reserve popular for the gentle trail that loops along the shoreline of Ferguson Lake. A number of waterfowl frequent the lake, while the surrounding forest and seasonally abundant insect populations draw in nesting songbirds.

Eskers Provincial Park
  • 14
    Eskers Provincial Park
    Fraser-Fort George A, BC

    Another landscape carved by the retreat of glaciers millenia ago, Eskers Provincial Park is a popular destination just outside of prince george. With a series of wetlands surrounded by coniferous forests, it is a birding hotspot with over 100 species observed here. Pine marsh is a particularly popular spot for birdwatching, with two platforms dedicated to wildlife viewing, with evening visitors occasionally encountering the resident beaver in the lake.

Eskers Provincial Park
Identifying species in Prince George
Forests for the World, Prince George

More Parks and Conservation Associations in Prince George

Lheidli T'enneh Memorial Park

This park along the Fraser River offers a range of attractions, including a summer Spray Park, volleyball courts, a mini steam train railroad, and multi-use trails. It’s also home to The Exploration Place Museum & Science Centre. This park has a rich history as it was once the site of the Lheidli T’enneh village before its destruction for Fort George, with the Lheidli T’enneh Burial Grounds cemetery remaining there today.

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LC Gunn Park

With over 3km of trails and several elevated viewing points, LC Gunn Park is a great spot for some casual birding along the Fraser River.

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The Cutbanks

The Cutbanks are a distinctive geographical landmark in the region, attracting hikers due to their unique terrain. This spot is well-known for offering excellent views of Downtown Prince George. You can park at McMillan Creek on Prince George Pulpmill Rd or access it from above via Hoferkamp Rd.

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Ancient Forest/Chun T'oh Whudujut Provincial Park

This majestic park is a must-see destination. The park protects the world’s only inland temperate rainforest. The park features massive old growth trees, a waterfall, and a 450-meter-long boardwalk to explore.

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Spruce City Wildlife Association

Spruce City Wildlife is a conservation club that was founded in 1970. Made up of hunters, anglers, trappers and various outdoor enthusiasts, these people provide a broad base of interests and willingness to get involved in putting something back into the wildlife resources, which we all admire and make use of.

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Nechako River Ecological Reserve

Located 40 minutes from Prince George, the Nechako River Ecological Reserve was established to protect the most vigorous known tamarack stands west of the Rocky Mountains for genetic stock. This ecological reserve is open to the public for non-destructive use such as hiking, nature observation and photography.

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