The traditional territories of the Coast Salish, specifically Esquimalt, Songhees, Scia’new, and W̱SÁNEĆ people represented by the Tsartlip, Pauquachin, Tsawout, Tseycum and Malahat First Nations.

Inset from the southern tip of Vancouver Island, this outdoor lover’s paradise just 15 kilometres from Downtown Victoria. 

Named “BC’s Best Community 2021” by Maclean’s Magazine, Langford’s popular downtown core is surrounded by lush, green hills chock-full of hiking trails and lookouts with local wildlife around every turn. Though many small private lakes dot the sprawling landscape, it’s Langford Lake, Glen Lake, and Florence Lakes that are the most prominent – home to a wide variety of waterfowl throughout the year, including mergansers, grebes, goldeneyes, and plenty of species of ducks.

The sight of a short-lived gold rush in the 1860s, Goldstream Provincial Park sees the return of thousands of Chum Salmon to spawn every year mid-October through December – and with the spawn come the birds, including hundreds of Bald Eagles dining on the river’s bounty.

Getting Here

Spring birding in Langford

Florence and Langford Lakes come alive, with plenty of waterfowl species around. Ducks like Buffleheads, Gadwalls, and Ring-necked are joined by Hooded & Common Mergansers, and occasional treats like Canvasbacks, Common Goldeneyes, and Ruddy Ducks.

Summer birding in Langford

With its location right where the elevation starts to go up from the coast, the region has a great mix of raptors when the temperatures rise. Catch flocks of Turkey Vultures “kettling” on warm air thermals, and watch for others like Red-tailed & Cooper’s Hawks, American Kestrels, and even Golden Eagles around the hills like Mill Hill and Mt. Finlayson.

Fall birding in Langford

Migration season is one of transition in Langford, with arrivals in the trees of Varied Thrushes, Ruby- & Golden-crowned Kinglets, and Fox & Golden-crowned Sparrows. Tiny Pied-billed Grebes also arrive on the water, and several waterfowl waterfowl species start to show up for the season, meaning the several lakes will each have a different surprise!

Winter birding in Langford

Winter means the end of the nearby Goldstream salmon run, so here come the eagles! Hundreds of Bald Eagles congregate around Goldstream Provincial Park to feast on the spent salmon. The smell of the fishy buffet isn’t everyone’s favourite, but the incredible sight of these majestic birds makes it well worthwhile.

Where it All Happens

Both Glen Lake and Langford Lake are found on the south side of the Trans Canada Highway, just a few short minutes from Station Avenue and some of Langford’s most popular local haunts.

Glen Lake
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    Glen Lake Park
    3076 Shoreview Dr, Victoria, BC V9B 4S8

    Located at the north end of Glen Lake, this park is great for families, with a playground and spray park, beautiful swimming beach, and accessible picnic tables. At the southern end of the lake, walk along the boardwalk to watch for waterfowl.

A swan at Langford Lake
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    Langford Lake
    Goldstream Ave, Langford, BC V9B 2W2 (Ed Nixon Trail)

    Located in the heart of the city, the 4.5km Ed Nixon Trail takes you through forested areas and runs alongside the southwestern curve of Langford Lake. Watch for birds out on the lake, such as American Coots, mergansers, and plenty of different duck species. Start the trail at Langford Lake Beach Park or from Goldstream Ave.

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    Mount Wells Regional Park
    Humpback Rd, Langford, BC V0R 2L0 (Mount Wells Regional Park - Main Parking Lot)

    123-hectare wilderness park of second growth forest and fragile mossy rock outcrops with spectacular views of the region and stunning spring wildflowers. Not that the hike to the summit (352m) of Mount Wells is steep and challenging. On your journey to the summit, you may see turkey vultures and band-tailed pigeons, or hear the drumming of ruffed grouse.

Field Notes

Exploring the Langford Bird Trail Outpost

Inset from the southern tip of Vancouver Island, Langford is an outdoor lover’s paradise just 15 kilometres from Downtown Victoria. Exploring The Langford Bird Trail Outpost offers birders plenty of birding destinations. As one of the fastest-growing communities in Canada, you’re never far from all kinds of amenities and services while birding. Langford’s popular downtown…
Barred owl
Golden eagle
Hiking and walking trails abound in Langford
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    Accommodations in the City of Langford

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Above & Beyond

From fine dining at Bear Mountain to the renowned trails of Goldstream Provincial Park, the northwest side of Langford is perfect for families, couples, or independent explorers.

Florence Lake
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    Florence Lake
    1031-1001 Springboard Pl, Victoria, BC V9B 3E2

    The short 1.5km Strachan Trail follows the eastern shore of Florence Lake, offering opportunities to spot Double-crested Cormorants, pine siskins, several swallow species, and more. Access from Savory Road or the end of Springboard Place.

Goldstream Falls
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    Goldstream Provincial Park
    Trans Canada Hwy #1 & Finlayson Arm Road

    Meander through the trails between old-growth Douglas firs and keep your eyes peeled for Steller’s Jays, chickadees, Brown Creepers, kinglets, and several woodpecker species. Follow the Visitor Center Trail to the estuary viewing platform for a chance to see ducks, herons, and belted kingfishers.

    In late October through to November, the salmon spawn along the river and attract a frenzy of bald eagles, mergansers, and gulls (who jockey with the eagles for the best spots at the buffet). You might encounter some non-bird excitement, too, with Black Bears and River Otters living in the area!

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    Mount Finlayson
    Langford, BC V9B 0A4 - Mt Finlayson summit

    There is a trailhead to the north off Finlayson Arm Road and one to the south near the parking lot at the day-use area of Goldstream Provincial Park. Note that this hiking trail is steep, rugged, and considered challenging.

    While Turkey Vultures are a common sight circling the mountain, watch for Golden Eagles, too! They’re not common in the region, but this is one of the best spots around to catch a rare sighting if you’re lucky!

Bald eagle, photo by Shayne Kaye
 Visitor Centre
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    Mobile Visitor's Centre

    The City of Langford has a team of dedicated and knowledgeable staff ready to answer questions and provide maps, brochures, free WiFi, a photo booth, and more. Find them popped up in Langford offering insider tips to help you explore like a local.

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Turkey vulture

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