The Fraser Valley Trail ushers birders along on a riverside tour of some of the province’s richest birding regions. Composed of four unique communities, this trail stretches from the Township of Langley in the west, through the Fraser River cities of Abbotsford and Chilliwack to the Village of Harrison Hot Springs at the southern end of Harrison Lake.

The longest river in the province, the Fraser River rises high in the Rocky Mountains before descending through the rapids of the Fraser Canyon for more than 1,300 kilometres on its way to the river’s mouth at the Strait of Georgia. Along the way are abundant waters, rich marshlands, and bountiful salmon to welcome home migrating birds every year.

Not just the home to a few migratory waterfowl, the Fraser Valley routinely welcomes more than 200 distinct species to the region every year. From Langley to Harrison, this trail outlines dozens of incredible opportunities for birders of all backgrounds to spot unique birds along the mighty Fraser River.