Northern Exposure

Whether Golden marks the beginning or the end of your trek through the Columbia Valley, know that your visit here will be time well spent. There are countless wildlife viewing opportunities to be found throughout the Columbia Wetlands; if you’re in search of an authentic birding experience, Golden is the place to be.

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort Rocky Mountains Golden by Mitch Winton
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    Moberly Marsh & Burges James Gadsden Provincial Park
    Burges James Gadsden Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada

    A critical resting and feeding area for many migratory birds, Moberly Marsh & Burges James Gadsden Provincial Park is a unique conservation area on the Pacific Flyway. This park presents excellent viewing opportunities of resident birds nesting and rearing habitats – keep your eyes open and you’ll likely spot waterfowl and songbird species, as well as raptors such as hawks, eagles and osprey.

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    Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre
    1745 Short Rd, Golden, BC, Canada

    This very special wildlife sanctuary looks after wolves who have been injured and abandoned in the region. Providing unique opportunities to get closer to these majestic creatures, Northern Lights also provides tours and interpretive information.

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    Confluence Park
    Confluence Park, Fisher Road, Golden, BC, Canada

    Located at the meeting point of two historic rivers, the Columbia and the Kicking Horse, this park’s 1.8km trail offers views of the scenic wetlands and stretches of forest that line the riverbanks. Easily accessible from downtown Golden along the Rotary Trail, the shoreline is full of songbirds with raptors perched high above.

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    Reflection Lake
    Reflection Lake, Golden, BC, Canada

    This easy-to-access lake offers short trails and a gazebo with seating and interpretive information, making it an excellent viewing point to experience the diversity of waterfowl and landfowl against the backdrop of the Columbia Mountains.

Northern Lights Wolf Centre by Dave Best
Lazuli Bunting
 Visitor Centre

Following the River South

Discover small towns and big vistas around every turn as the Columbia River makes its way south, creating a robust wetland home to thousands of migratory bird species.

Reflection Lake by Bruno Wong
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    Cedar Lake Recreation Site
    Cedar Lake Recreation Site, Golden, BC, Canada

    This forested area above the Columbia River offers camping and day-use with picnic sites, parking, and toilet facilities. Over 50 km of recreational trails (the Moonraker Trail system) are accessible from the campground. Cedar Lake is home to resident Loons and Pileated Woodpeckers, as well as various other songbirds.

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    Rotary Bike Trails

    Experience Golden by travelling along this in-town hiking and biking loop, perfect for sightseeing and relaxing in nature. The trail winds its way along the Kicking Horse River, through residential areas and treed paths, and past Reflection Lake. A great option for exploring, as you take time to stop and observe birds all along the trail.

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    Columbia River and Wetlands

    The Columbia Wetlands are home to 180kms of protected wetlands stretching the entire length of the Columbia Valley Bird Trail. This protected area is recognized by scientists worldwide for its remarkable variety and abundance of birds, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, fish and invertebrates. With several canoeing and SUP boarding access points, there are countless opportunities to view birdlife all throughout the area.

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    Columbia Wetlands Outpost
    2581 BC-95, Parson, BC V0A 1L0, Canada

    A peaceful afternoon floating along the Columbia River via traditional canoe (or e-canoe) provides a fantastic opportunity to explore the wetlands and see some of the regions favourite birds – from eagles and king fishers, to swallows, waterfowl and other migratory species.

Ruddy Duck
Kicking Horse Mountain Resort by Reuben Krabbe
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    Kicking Horse Mountain Resort
    1500 Kicking Horse Trail, Golden, BC, Canada

    More than just a place for rest and relaxation, Kicking Horse Resort is deeply ingrained in the culture of Golden – complete with spectacular birds-eye views of town, and all down the Columbia Valley.

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    Find a place to stay in Golden!

    Golden is a unique destination that offers a wide range of accommodations throughout the Columbia Valley. Stay in a hotel, motel, cozy rustic cottage or cabin. Travelling with a group? Book a large, luxurious lodge or bed & breakfast to suit your travel needs.